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We were excited to launch our new classes in Upminster at Coopers’ Company & Coborn School back in September 2016. Upminster is our home town; as ex-Coopers’ pupils, and having had involvement in the gymnastics programme at Coopers’ for so many years, we’re delighted to be able to offer these classes.

All Catleaps, gymnasts start out in our two hour classes. Sessions are structured to include a pulse raising warm up, stretching and then apparatus based work. Coaches clearly plan their sessions to ensure that all gymnasts are stimulated mentally and physically, actively being involved in the development of their skills. Conditioning exercises allow the children to develop speed, stamina, strength and flexibility to allow them to perform repetitions of skills safely with ease and confidence.

On vault, gymnasts perform a range of movements from developing skills on the springboard to more complex twisting vaults, a ‘stuck’ landing is always key! During floor sessions gymnasts will perform jumps, shapes, balances, locomotive and rotational skills with all classes carefully tailored to your child’s ability level. The higher level children perform choreographed floor routines with the girls using individually selected music, including leaps, jumps, spins and acrobatic elements.

Class Times

Saturdays 1.30pm-3.30pm (2 hour class)
Reception to Year 7, Boys and Girls

Saturdays 3.45pm-5.45pm (2 hour class)
Reception to Year 8, Boys and Girls

Mondays 5-7pm (2 hour class)
Reception to Year 6, Boys and Girls

Wednesdays 5-7pm (2 hour class)
Reception to Year 7, Boys and Girls

Class Dates

The classes will be offered on a half-termly basis, with payment in advance (normally 6 or 7 week blocks). Generally, we will continue offering classes through school holidays, with the exception of Bank Holidays, the Summer holidays (optional Summer classes will be available to book into) and at Christmas (normally we have a short break for Christmas/New Year). Sometimes the school will be unavailable to book, which we’ll advise to you before the start of the half-term.

Annual Membership Fee (British, London & Catleaps Gymnastics)

The compulsory British Gymnastics and London Gymnastics fees are explained below. These are paid annually (September) by all gymnasts, coaches and officials. For members joining part way through the year these are still payable but then will fall in line with the rest of the club once the new Summer Term classes (September) start. There is a £8 annual fee for Catleaps Gymnastics, which includes the fee for London Gymnastics.
Catleaps is proud to be a part of our National Governing Body: British Gymnastics. It is compulsory for all coaches and gymnasts to be a member of British Gymnastics to ensure safety. The membership year runs yearly and is an annual fee, due at the start of the Summer Term classes (September). At present for gymnasts it is £17.00 per year.
The club affiliates to the regional branch of our National Governing body. Being a member of London Gymnastics allows Catleaps gymnasts the opportunity to participate in regional competitions. It also gives us a discount on the price of coaching courses. We are committed to ensuring our coaches are qualified to the highest level but also that they participate in updated training as regularly as possible. The fee to be a member of London Gymnastics is included within the Catleaps fee and runs on an annual cycle.

Sibling Discount

If two or more children from the same family are attending classes, a 10% discount will be given to each child’s class fees (no discount is applicable for the Joining Fee or Membership Fee).

Total Costs

Half-terms are normally for 6 or 7 weeks, and priced at £12 per gymnast per week for a 2-hour class (reduced to £10.80 per child per class for siblings). For the first term, you pay the 6 or 7 week fee, plus the £25 Annual Membership Fee. Total amount for a 7 week half-term: £109 (£84 class fee, plus joining fee and annual membership).

For the 2nd half-term (and each half-term thereafter), you pay the class fees only. Following your initial payment of the annual membership fee (currently £25), this would become due again in September each year.

We offer a trial class, priced at £12 for a 2-hour session before committing to join – payment for the trial is due in advance.

Waiting List

We will be extending our availability, so please join our Waiting List, so that we can contact you when we release further classes.


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Class Information

Catleaps Gymnastics offer gymnastics lessons in Dagenham, Upminster and Purfleet, Essex for boys and girls from preschool through to teens. Our coaches hold enhanced DBS disclosures, and are trained through the British Gymnastics Coach Education Programme.