The coaches reward gymnasts for their achievements within training. This could be with stickers, t shirts or medals and trophies. Concentration, regular attendance, motivation, kindness, helpfulness are all traits that we reward as well as for new gymnastics skills learnt or perfected. We pride ourselves that Catleaps Gymnastics equips children with skills for life.

Club Competition

At Catleaps Gymnastics we recognise that every gymnast deserves the opportunity to participate in an appropriate competitive situation. We offer our club competition for all gymnasts which is a fun and friendly introduction to competition set within a supportive environment for all ages and abilities. Once gymnasts have reached the age of six then they can participate in competitions outside of the club. We always have a big entry into the regional events as we believe every gymnast should have their moment to shine. The London competitions run with eight different ability levels and we currently have girls and boys competing in six of the levels. The emphasis within competitions for our club is on gymnasts reaching their potential, whatever that may be. Our coaches carefully ensure that gymnasts are performing appropriate moves in the correct level so that they can all experience success on a personal level – whether that be trying a new move in competition for the first time or winning a pin or medal.