Robert Clack & Coopers classes are running with social distancing restrictions. 

We group gymnasts according to age, gender and ability. Please join our Waiting List so that we can contact you to place your child into an appropriate class for their age and gender. Please register for as many sessions as you would be able to attend to increase the possibility that we can slot them into a group.

We have now moved our waiting list to our ClassforKids management system. This means you can add your child to the waiting list for the individual class and venue that you would like them to attend. It is possible to add your child to more than one waiting list if there are different days or venues that you are happy to attend.

The waiting list request must be completed by the Parent or Guardian of the child wanting to attend.

NOTE – please scroll down the page to see the available classes at both of our venues – each term/venue is listed separately.

What to do next if you would like a space for your child. 

  • View the Class Schedule below
  • Please check the class information on each day to ensure your child is the right age and gender for the class.
  • Add your child to the waiting list for the class you would like.
  • If there are additional days or venues then you can add them to that waiting list too by clicking through the our schedule page link above.
  • We will email you as soon as a space is available to offer your child a trial session.

How long will my child be on the waiting list? 

  • It is impossible for us to predict this, if you are more flexible about the days you can do and add your child to more than one day then it is likely you will get a place more quickly.
  • Places only become available when gymnasts leave the club or move up a group so we have no way of telling when that will be.
  • All classes have different ages so if a 5 year old girl leaves then we will offer the place to the next 5 year old girl on the waiting list for that class.
  • Our Robert Clack venue is larger and runs six days a week, so spaces will become available quicker than at our smaller Coopers’ Coborn venue.