Why choose Catleaps Gymnastics?


  • Member of British Gymnastics
  • Member of London Gymnastics
  • Coaches, Judges & Officials trained through British Gymnastics coaching programme
  • Coaches, Judges & Officials have CRB disclosures
  • Each gymnast treated as an individual
  • Competitive, performing and volunteering opportunities


I can highly recommend this club to our pupils, it will enable the children to develop their skills which they are working on in their curriculum gymnastics and further support their activity levels and social skills. This is our ‘signposted’ gymnastics club which we would endorse for its safe and effective practise

Bobbie Gargrave
PE Co-ordinator for William Ford Junior School

I love Catleaps because its like a second family that I love spending time with and I have grown in confidence because all the girls in my group encourage me when Im scared to do harder moves.

Amy Dalton
Catleaps Gymnast, Aged 12

Catleaps is such a friendly and welcoming gymnastics club, and every child is treated exactly the same regardless of their abilities. My daughter has been at Catleaps for a few years now, and she has had the chance to be involved in so many great opportunities, like breaking a world record and meeting some professional gymnasts along the way. My daughter loves going to Catleaps Gymnastics and her confidence has grown and grown. All coaches at catleaps give the children encouragement and I’m glad my daughter attends such a great club.

Marsha Tarbard
Proud parent of a Catleaps Gymnast

I feel extremely lucky and grateful to have been given this opportunity by Catleaps namely ‘Cat’ to train and work as a Catleaps coach not only to be able to share my son’s sport but to be able to steer my career in a different and more fulfilling direction

Tanya Munro
Catleaps Coach