Club Rules


This coronavirus section of the rules take precedent over any other regular Club Rules. This section is based on the current guidance from UK Government (Sep 2020) and is subject to change.


  • You must comply with the current UK Government guidance:
  • We have just reviewed our COVID risk assessments, adults will now be permitted to enter the Robert Clack venue to watch the class.
  • Adults will need to drop their child and then wait outside until all gymnasts have entered (usually 10 minutes after the start of the session) before entering the viewing area.
  • Please limit the amount of people entering the viewing area (one person per gymnast) and ensure if any children are with you they remain seated.
  • During our Wednesday class we need to share the viewing area with another group as we hire half the hall. This means that parents will need to vacate the viewing area at 6pm.
  • For all other sessions, 15 minutes before the end of the session the viewing area will need to be cleared so spectators will leave down the corridor to wait outside for their child.
  • The procedure ahead will still keep our gymnasts safer by ensuring they are kept away from large groups of people. We will constantly review this risk assessment and may need to review if COVID numbers rise again.
  • Controls are in place to maintain social distancing at our venues, which must be followed by gymnasts and parents/guardians.
  • Drop-offs will be at the front of the Robert Clack Leisure Centre, and collections from the rear of the centre.
  • Gymnasts should arrive at training with one adult (wearing a mask); this must be someone from their household. Please queue responsibly, following the directions/signage.
  • There can be no conversations with coaches or officials at pick up or drop off. Please send a text message or email. A number of our staff are hearing impaired so it is especially hard to communicate when wearing masks.
  • Please ensure your child has been to the toilet before coming to training. We want to reduce trips to the toilet during the session as much as possible.
  • Gymnast arrives wearing gymnastics kit and sliders / trainers that are easily taken on and off. No socks are necessary. Any hoodies, tracksuit bottoms etc that may be taken off when the gymnast is hot must be named.
  • Gymnasts must have a named water bottle (no access to vending machines or water fountain). It must be water not squash etc due to the potential of it spilling.
  • Gymnasts will have their temperature taken before entry into the class. The adult must stay until the temperature check is done.
  • If the temperature is 38c or above we will test again after 5 mins. If the temperature remains at 38c or above, the adult will need to take the gymnast home.
  • When the temperature has been taken gymnasts will move to the side to line up in their group following social distancing and the adult should leave at this point.
  • Excellent behaviour will be expected & gymnasts that cannot follow clear guidelines will be removed and parent called to collect them – no refund/credit would be issued.
  • Please ensure you are on time to drop off or collect your child and are social distancing whilst you wait.
  • No late arrivals will be admitted – please refer to the drop off and collection times specific to your child.
  • Gymnasts will be required to sanitise their hands at the start and during the session.
  • Coaches will dismiss children from their group one at a time, please ensure you collect your child and immediately move away.
  • If there are any changes to your contact details, or those of your emergency contacts, please update your Class4Kids account immediately.
  • No refund or credit will be applied if the gymnast is unable to attend the session due to illness, isolation or quarantine.
  • If we enter into further measures that require suspension of classes, no refunds will be made. Credit for missed classes will be allocated to the next available sessions once measures are relaxed.
  • If your child, or a member of the household that has attended the venue has had a positive test for COVID-19, please notify us immediately by text to 07903 663944 or email to


  • For all classes, fees are due monthly on the 2nd day of the month, in advance through the Class4Kids invoice. If a payment deadline is missed, the place will be offered to the next child on the waiting list. An additional fee of £12 will be charged if you fail to pay through the Class4Kids invoice, and instead pay by bank transfer or if you pay after the 2nd of the month deadline. This fee reflects the additional time spent allocating late payments or bank transfer payments. Your child will not be able to attend classes until we have received payment of all fees. If you fail to pay by the deadline then the place may no longer be available.
  • Payment is due for all sessions, even if the gymnast does not attend due to illness or injury.
  • The place  will be lost if a payment deadline is not met.
  • For our Holiday classes, payment is required upon booking. We are not able to offer refunds for classes not attended.
  • If fees for training, competitions, festivals or membership are not paid by the deadline (without prior arrangement) then your child may be excluded from activities. Your child cannot represent the club in any external activities if fees are overdue.
  • All gymnasts of regular classes must become members of British (£19.00) and Catleaps (£10.00). This annual fee covers their insurance and membership each September/October for the forthcoming year.


  • Regular attendance is important to ensure that all children make the most progress possible. Please let us know in advance (via text to the Catleaps phone – 07903 663944 if your child will be missing a session due to another activity/illness.
  • All children must arrive on time to take part in the warm-up & be collected promptly at the end of the session. Please inform us if your son/daughter is feeling ill or has an injury.
  • Children collected more than 15 minutes late will incur a £10 late collection fee. Arriving more than 10 minutes late at the start may mean your child is unable to participate in the class, but you will still be charged for the session.


  • Suitable clothing must be worn: shorts/leggings & t-shirt/top or leotard (with or without shorts) and bare feet. Long hair should be securely tied back, and no jewellery is to be worn. Skirts cannot be worn to do gymnastics.
  • Drinks (non-fizzy) should be in a plastic, named, sealable container, this should be brought into the gym area with them.
  • In order to have fun and learn in a safe environment, gymnasts must listen to and obey coaches instruction at all times and treat all gymnasts and coaches with respect.
  • Children should use the toilet before coming in to the class to avoid disruption to their lesson.
  • Catleaps Club Competition Leotards can only be worn when representing the club or in specific club leotard weeks when we invite gymnasts to wear them.
  • Due to members with allergies, we are a nut free club.


  • If you choose to spectate from the viewing area, please ensure that you do not distract your child/children or give instruction to them whilst they are under the care of the coach during the session. Rubbish is to be placed in the bins provided.
  • Gymnasts must remain with parents/guardians until the coach collects them at the start of the class. They should be waiting, and not running around the venue. Gymnasts will not be allowed to leave the venue without an adult coming inside to collect them. SIBLINGS MUST ALWAYS SIT WITH PARENTS IN THE VIEWING AREA.
  • Contact details (phone, email and emergency contacts) must be kept up-to-date with us at all times. Please notify us of any changes via a text to the Catleaps phone. Please also update your information on the British Gymnastics portal and on your Class4Kids account.
  • Parents are reminded not to enter the gymnastics training area whilst the session is in progress, as we are limited with space, and also to ensure safety of our gymnasts & coaches.
  • Any queries about Catleaps should be directed to the Catleaps phone or via email and not via our club social media accounts. Please do not use Staff personal phones, or social media for Catleaps enquiries.


  • Please ensure that you read our Policies that can be found HERE