Q: How old do you have to be to join Catleaps Gymnastics Club?

A: The youngest children we have in the club begin from Reception Age for the regular classes.

Q: What should my son / daughter wear for gymnastics?

A: For the first class we recommend that children wear t shirt and shorts / leggings or a leotard. Please do not go out and buy special clothing until you know it is an activity your son / daughter is going to enjoy. We have a range of clothing including leotards, t-shirts, hoodies, trousers and shorts. Ask at reception for more details.

Q: Can children wear jewellery?

A: British Gymnastics policy states that it is unsafe for children to wear any jewellery whilst participating in gymnastics. Please ensure children do not have any jewellery with them in case of loss.

Q: How do we pay fees?

A: Parents can choose whether to pay fees weekly or in larger lumps every few weeks. Fees can be paid to our membership team by cash or by bank transfer (we do not accept payment by cheque or credit/debit cards due to fees incurred). Please note that fees are payable even if your child does not attend. For the classes at the Coopers’ Company and Coborn School, we require payment on a termly basis, in advance by bank transfer.

Q: Why do we have to pay fees if our child is not at a session?

A: We have to pay out for the hire of our venue and also coaches wages. We pride ourselves at Catleaps on keeping fees as low as possible but in order for this to be achievable we need to ensure classes are full. If your son / daughter has a serious injury e.g. a fracture, please give us an indication of how long they will be unable to attend and we can make arrangements for their membership to be temporarily put on hold.

Q: Do I need to stay at the venue?

A: Parents are welcome to stay and watch the class but please feel free to leave your child with us if you wish. All that we ask is that you are prompt in collecting your son/daughter at the end of the session.