Catleaps Invitational Competition

Competition Dates:
Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th February 2022
Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th July 2022
Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th December 2022

Discipline: Gymnastics for All – Floor & Vault Competition
Venue: The Jean Brown Arena, Redbridge Leisure Centre, Forest Road, Ilford, IG6 3HD

The competition is open to all Catleaps Gymnasts that attend for two hours or more per week – boys and girls. The Foundation Stage, Stage 1 and 2 is a set ten-move floor routine on a strip of mats and set vault. The gymnasts in these lower stages are graded into bands and all win a medal.

For Stage 3 and 4, the gymnast performs a floor routine on an 8x8m carpeted floor, and performs two vaults, with the best score counting. Medals are awarded to the top three gymnasts, and ribbons are awarded for gymnasts that placed 4th to 8th.

In Stage 5 through to 9, the floor routine is performed on a full size sprung floor, with girls performing to music. We award apparatus trophies to the top scorer on each apparatus, as well as medals for 1st to 3rd place overall, and ribbons for 4th to 8th placed gymnasts.

We invite British Gymnastics registered clubs to our Invitational Competition – if you are an owner or manager of a BG registered club and would like further information, please register on our website.