As the Competition Director for the Men’s London Open which is now established as a National and International Artistic Gymnastics Competition, I can not speak highly enough of the volunteers from Catleaps. Every year they give up hours of unpaid time to come and work in key roles at the competition. Always with excellent attitude, attention to detail and a friendly smile.

It is these attributes that made me want them as part of the Games Maker volunteer programme for the London 2012 Olympics. They will fulfil crucial roles at the Olympics, and but knowing their past experience I have every confidence they will do a fab job. They are so ably led by Catherine Bates, and who herself has taken the gymnastics world by storm in the last 5 years with such energy that everyone from Catleaps feels inspired to follow in her footsteps. She is a key strategist within London Gymnastics and again her skill set was recognised and therefore she is a key member of the Gymnastics Leadership Team for the London 2012 Games.

Ben Murphy
Artistic Gymnastics Manager for London 2012 Olympics
Executive Board Member London Gymnastics

Catleaps is a warm and friendly club. When I first joined as a coach in training they did everything they could to see me through the course there is nothing they would not do for anyone.

David Jay
Catleaps Coach

I love the dedication that comes from the kids and coaches, and beam with pride watching all the kids grow and grow.

Faye Walsh
Proud parent of Catleaps Gymnasts

I love Catleaps because it gives you confidence and you feel a part of a family.

Rachel Taiwo
Hard working Catleaps Gymnast, aged 10

Being involved in gymnastics over the years has helped me understand commitment, hard work and persistence. Gymnastics can be a major part of all dance. We throw Perri around and do tumbles in our dance routines so timing is crucial. The Leadership Academy for me was an informal group of teenagers coming together to make a change, very similar to the beginnings of Diversity. Dream, Believe, Achieve!

Warren Russell
Vice Chair of East London Gymnastics Academy 2008
Catleaps Gymnast 2007-2008
Member of Diversity, Winners of BGT 2009

I love Catleaps because it is fun, you can meet famous gymnasts when helping out at competitions and I have the opportunity to perform for my school and borough squads.

Kira Taiwo
Hard working Catleaps Gymnast, aged 13

Its fun and I’ve learnt so much being there, lovely coaches, like family.

Joe Walsh
Hard working Catleaps Gymnast, aged 13

I love Catleaps because its like a second family that I love spending time with and I have grown in confidence because all the girls in my group encourage me when Im scared to do harder moves.

Amy Dalton
Hard Working Catleaps Gymnast, aged 12

I love coming to Catleaps Gymnastics because my coach helps me learn new moves. When I started I could not do a lot, but now I do flicks and tumbles and it helps keep me fit. Everyone is friendly and I have made so many friends, its like a family. Catleaps rules!

Lucy Tarbard
Hard working Catleaps Gymnast, aged 11

As a local Councillor I am proud to be linked with Catleaps – Catherine Bates and her coaches work hard to provide good training to local youngsters in both gymnastics and team work. The teams from both Grafton and Robert Clack schools have reached the National finals on behalf of the Borough in recent years.

Councillor Eileen Keller
Barking & Dagenham

I love going to Catleaps because it’s fun and you get to go to lots of places and meet lots of people we do lots of things other children don’t get to do.

Maddie Streeter
Hard working Catleaps Gymnast, aged 12

Catleaps is such a friendly and welcoming gymnastics club, and every child is treated exactly the same regardless of their abilities. My daughter has been at Catleaps for a few years now, and she has had the chance to be involved in so many great opportunities, like breaking a world record and meeting some professional gymnasts along the way. My daughter loves going to Catleaps Gymnastics and her confidence has grown and grown. All coaches at catleaps give the children encouragement and I’m glad my daughter attends such a great club.

Marsha Tarbard
Proud Parent of a Catleaps Gymnast

As a coach we have the power to help children realise that their potential as athletes and people are only limited by their own dreams and ambitions. Gymnastics is route to develop a child’s athletic ability as well as a guide to life discipline empowering children to achieve both in and out of the gym.
For me there is no greater satisfaction then watching a child change from a child to a true gymnast displaying poise, amplitude and power in all his or her work at what ever level. It’s a pleasure to be a part of catleaps legacy in providing quality developmental gymnastics to her members.

Gareth Green
Catleaps Coach
Head Coach at Crimson Heat Cheerleaders,
Senior 3 Grand Champions

Catleaps G.C. are a role model club for all that is good about gymnastics. It is a perfect combination of coaching expertise, gymnasts enthusiasm and parental backing. All this is bound together by the common theme of volunteering for the good of all. Particularly – their volunteers drawn from all their sections, who give their support to so many events, not only those involving their own club. They are an excellent example of a everything that a really caring and good society should be like.

June Tatch
Honorary Life Vice President of London Gymnastics

Catleaps G.C reminds me of all the reasons why I fell in love with gymnastics: They are like one big family, they work hard and most of all have fun doing so!

Jade Salim
Ex-GB Junior Gymnastics Squad Member
Total Wipeout Series 4 Participant

Miss Bates organises good events for us to take part in that other clubs don’t do. We get to help out at the Mens’ British Championships, meeting Louis Smith and other amazing gymnasts. We also met Beth Tweddle when she came to see us at Goresbrook Leisure Centre. It makes me feel very special and makes me want to continue working hard and not give up when it gets hard.

Jasmine Richards
Hard working Catleaps Gymnast, aged 11

I love gym because the coaches help us get good and I love vault.

Jack Walsh
Hard working Catleaps Gymnast, aged 6

I love the vault and all the people there are great.

Billy Walsh
Hard working Catleaps Gymnast, aged 8