Thank you to all members new and old for helping us navigate the challenging return to gymnastics in a COVID safe way. We are so grateful to our coaches who have managed to create exciting and safe programmes to engage our gymnasts.
If you have any queries about this content, please send an email to Please remember that we are receiving a higher volume of enquiries than usual so please check that your question is not answered within the email. 

Important Reminders

  • Gymnasts MUST bring their own water bottle to training, which must be clearly named
  • Save the Catleaps number on your phone. Make sure you have your phone witth you during classes in case we need to call you.
  • Please put long hair up securely. Remind your child not to take their hair out if their can’t put it back up themselves.
  • Gymnasts should wear shoes that are easy to take off and put back on themselves, without assistance.


  • Your contact telephone number becomes vital if we need to contact you in an emergency it MUST BE UP TO DATE. If there is a change please change it on your Class4Kids and British Gymnastics account and let us know in writing via email or text.
  • Please ensure the Catleaps number 07903 663944 is saved in your phone & that you have the phone with you, so you know if we are trying to contact you during a class. 
  • If your child cannot attend training please send a text to the Catleaps phone 07903 663944 to let us know.
  • Please ensure you carefully read emails or texts, following the instructions when replying, to ensure the answer goes to the right member of staff.
  • Parents / guardians of club members should not send messages via Catleaps social media or live chat. 
  • Due to COVID regulations, coaches cannot have a conversation at the start or end of a lesson, please ensure all communication is in writing, either via text or email.

Gymnastics Sessions

  • Due to COVID regulations parents are currently not allowed into the Leisure Centre.
  • All cars MUST be parked in a marked car park space. Cars should NOT be stopped outside the entrance at Robert Clack or Coopers as there are no marked spaces there. Disabled bays are for blue badge holders only. Parents/guardians should park safely and bring the gymnast for handover to us.
  • If a child arrives more than 10 minutes late they may not be able to join in the class. Please be prompt for sessions, not arriving early or late.
  • At our Robert Clack venue sliders or shoes must be worn when coming into the lesson. Please ensure that your child is wearing footwear that they can put on and take off without assistance.
  • All gymnasts must bring a NAMED water bottle into the session.
  • All gymnasts MUST go to the toilet BEFORE the class. It is very disruptive for the class if children need to go to the toilet within the first part of the session. During COVID restrictions we ask gymnasts to go to the toilet at home before leaving for gym.
  • Due to members with allergies, we are a nut free club.

Festivals and Displays

Our aim at Catleaps is to inspire gymnasts to achieve success at their highest possible level, encouraging confidence and developing coordination, flexibility and strength. All children attending 2 hours+ per week at Catleaps are invited to compete in events that are at their level. We passionately believe that all gymnasts deserve the opportunity to shine and gain confidence from performing in an arena setting. There is still uncertainty about our gymnasts performing in external events but we hope that in 2022 we will all be able to get together again. Displays and Festivals are an important part of our programme and invited gymnasts have the opportunity to showcase the routines in a range of different performances. 

Watch our social media channels for photos and videos of all of our performances.


Once you have paid the membership fee to us via your Class for Kids account then you should click on the big green button below to register or renew your membership. We are able to see when you have done this and we can then login and pay. 

The compulsory British Gymnastics and Catleaps Gymnastics fees are paid annually (September) by all gymnasts, coaches and officials. For members joining part way through the year, these are payable in full upon joining, but then will fall in line with the rest of the club the following September. It is compulsory for all coaches and gymnasts to be members of British Gymnastics. 

We are committed to ensuring our coaches are qualified to the highest level and also take part in regular training as part of their CPD. The fee to be a member of Catleaps Gymnastics also runs on the same annual cycle.

If you have any concerns about your child’s British Gymnastics membership then you should contact British Gymnastics directly as we are unable to access your personal account. Click HERE to contact them. 

British Gymnastics will now dispatch a membership card electronically rather than through the post. Traditionally the cards have taken up to 4 months to be received, but we anticipate the digital cards will be processed quicker. We will be able to see your child’s registration number through our club log-in so you don’t need to let us know when you receive it. If you have any concerns about their British Gymnastics registration, please contact British Gymnastics directly.

The information that you enter onto your British Gymnastics membership will form part of the contract for insurance purposes – it’s extremely important that you record their details correctly, particularly the NAME (this must be their official name on their birth certificate), GENDER (this is used for entry into competitions) and DATE OF BIRTH (matching their birth certificate).

The data supplied to British Gymnastics must match the information that you have entered onto your Class4Kids account. You can edit your data on Class4Kids on the parent dashboard. Please remember to send an email to to let us know when you make any changes to your information.

Please check the data you are entering very carefully.


Fees are due by the 2nd day of each month in advance. Payment for classes is due even if your child cannot attend due to illness, injury, self-isolation, quarantine or holiday. If there is an enforced lockdown then class fees will be carried over to the lessons once we are able to resume.

Invoices will be sent out a week to 10 days before they are due and can be paid by credit or debit card. A reminder will be sent via text and email on the 1st of the month for any unpaid invoices. 

A final reminder will be sent via text and email on the 2nd of the month. 

For gymnasts new to the club this may mean that they have two invoices to pay in close succession before they move onto the 2nd of the month payment plan.

On the 3rd of the month, any gymnasts with unpaid invoices will be removed from the class register (your child will lose their space) and you will be unable to pay the invoice. 

Spaces will then be allocated to children on the waiting list.

If the non-payment was an error and you contact us, if there is a space available, your child will be able to go back onto the register but a £12 administration charge will need to be paid first and then the invoice can be reissued, with immediate payment required. This fee is due to the amount of administration involved in removing and then adding back in a child. 

Any parents paying direct into the bank account for the term fees instead of through the invoice will be charged a £12 administration fee to reallocate the payment.

What is the monthly amount?

Fees vary according to the days in the month but are generally 4 or 5 sessions each. The Catleaps Calender (click HERE to view) shows how the terms are split so that you can manage your payments. 

Term Dates

The calendar (click HERE to view) includes details of how many weeks per term, plus additional competition and festival dates.

We run during all school holidays except for Christmas and the Easter weekend. During the Summer holiday, the normal timetable is suspended and gymnasts can book into our Summer holiday programme if they choose.

You can log into your ClassforKids account to see which classes you have paid for. When we are closed then you are not charged for the class. 

What if my child wants to change the day, venue or train more hours?

Depending on availability and the age and ability of the child this may be possible. The hourly rate for a class decreases the more hours a child trains per week. Please email with the name of your child and details of the change you would like and we can let you know the options.

What if my child no longer wants to attend?

When we send the invoice for the new term just respond to the email to let us know your child won’t be returning, we will then cancel the invoice.  Payment is due for all classes even if your child cannot attend. Once the invoice is paid no refunds can be given. 

Club Rules

Please ensure that you have familiarised yourselves with the Club Rules that you agreed to upon sign-up and share these with anyone else who will be dropping your child off or picking them up after training. The rules are there to safeguard gymnasts and coaches and to ensure the smooth running of the club.

Contacting Us

A reminder that we have various different staff members sending out messages and emails. If you receive an email or text message and have a query then please reply to the text/email and it will get to the correct person.

Please do not send queries through social media as this will cause delays. Parents should not contact our staff on their personal social media accounts about Catleaps queries. 

With over 650 members, we receive lots of different enquiries, which we try to respond to as quickly as possible. Please don’t send the same enquiry at the same time via multiple platforms, e.g. email, text and Facebook message!

When calling the Catleaps phone, please leave a message with your query and we’ll return your call.


For Training sessions, there is no compulsory clothing, but gymnasts must wear clothing suitable for gymnastics: Shorts/leggings & t-shirt/top or leotard (with or without shorts) and bare feet. If your child is wearing leggings or shorts with their leotard, these should be put on over the top of the leotard rather than underneath the leotard.

Please ensure your child is able to manage their clothing when going to the toilet. Long-sleeved leotards are particularly difficult for young children to get off when going to the toilet. 

Long hair should be securely tied back, and no jewellery is to be worn. Skirts or Leotards with skirts attached cannot be worn to do gymnastics. 

For Competitions, the Catleaps Competition Leotard & Zip-up Hoodie is compulsory (boys must also wear shorts with their leotards).
Buy Catleaps Clothing.

Updated Guidance on Club Competition Leotards

Catleaps Competition leotards should be washed according to the manufacturers washing instructions to ensure that it is kept in pristine condition Buy Competition Leotards.

Club Merchandise

We have a range of merchandise that can be purchased to wear, including hoodies, tracksuit bottoms, bags, shorts and zip-up hoodies.
Buy Club Merchandise.

Catleaps Swap, Buy and Sell Facebook Group

We have a private Facebook group that club parents can join where you can swap, buy or sell Catleaps leotards, hoodies, clothing etc.
Join the group.



During classes coaches select 2 gymnasts per group who have achieved something special during the session – this may be performance or attitude related. These selected gymnasts are awarded a certificate. We take a photograph of all the certificate winners from each class and share it on social media.

Please note if you have not given permission for your child to have photographs then they will be unable to be photographed. Please make your child aware so they understand why they have been awarded a certificate but are not allowed to have their photograph taken. If you wish to change your photograph consent, please send an email to

Presentation Evening

In November/December we host a presentation evening for all members of the club, their family and friends. All gymnasts who attend the evening are awarded a medal and certificate. Trophies are awarded to coaches and gymnasts for excellence in ability or attitude. We have celebrity guests who attend to present the awards and meet the gymnasts. Parents and gymnasts are invited to vote for their coach of the year. 


Our classes are booked and paid for through ClassForKids. Find out more about the ClassForKids system. The system allows us to send emails to you and you can manage your payments in one place. You will receive a receipt for all payments and can see on your account which days you have paid for.

Parents Facebook Group

In addition to our main open Facebook page where we post every day, we also have a closed Facebook group for Catleaps parents to share information, ask questions and gain support from other parents. This group is run by parents. Coaching questions should be directed to the club. Join the Catleaps Parents Facebook Group.